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Institute for Research and Transfer

The Institute for Research and Transfer was set up by the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in January 2010. The institute’s objectives are to pool the many and varied research activities being undertaken at the university, to offer support to professorial staff in their respective research work, and to improve the interface between research and practice.

There are at present three main fields of research within the university, each involving a sizeable number of staff colleagues from a variety of different departments and subject areas.

The research field on “social inclusion” concentrates on requirements, possibilities, and policy for better participation of all members of society and all social groups in the life of society – focusing for example on people with disabilities, family home care, migration, and labour market.

The “child/youth welfare and family policy” field of research deals with issues such as child protection, prevention of violence or child abuse, and harmonisation of job and family.

A further field of research encompasses projects on “religion, ethics, and diaconia” – for example on diaconal and social work in church parishes and on human resources development, outsourcing, and temporary employment in social service institutions of the Protestant church.