Institute for Advanced and Continuing Education
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Institute for Advanced and Continuing Education

The Institute for Advanced and Continuing Education fulfils the requirements placed on the Protestant University of Applied Sciences RWL – by its contract with the churches and by North-Rhine-Westphalia’s University Education Act – to provide continuing academic education. It operates in cooperation with the church, the diaconate and other welfare work bodies, various associations and the municipality.

The wide range of courses and seminars on offer addresses current developments in the professional practice of social work, inclusive education, nursing and religious education, reflecting on these in the light of the latest scientific knowledge and findings  In the reverse direction, knowledge transfer from the academic world can serve as a source of fresh impulses for the practical sector.

Our programme comprises:

Shorter advanced education courses designed to brush up professional know-how and to develop skills for application in vocational practice, e.g.:

  • Social psychiatric disease patterns and case studies
  • Moderating and resolving conflicts
  • Liturgical and exegetical week
  • Data protection and child protection

Longer-term advanced in-service education courses offering qualification and the corresponding certification for new areas of work and for those assuming new professional positions, e.g.:

  • Case-management in the social and healthcare sectors
  • Psychosocial counselling
  • Systemic consulting and therapy
  • Elementary course in religious education
  • Advanced education in the psychology of pastoral care
  • Basic qualification in intercultural competence for social professions
  • Social work in schools
  • Deep-sleep and relaxation therapies
  • Dyslexia therapy

In-house seminars for specialised personnel in institutions and organisations (teams or departments)

Two fee-financed courses of study:

  • M.A. Direction of Educational Support
  • M.A. of Counselling